Self-heating Hotpot Box

The self-heating hotpot box is made of polypropylene (PP) material, which is heat-resistant and freeze-resistant. It can be used for food packaging in outdoor activities, such as camping, mountain climbing, fishing, traveling, etc. No fire, no electricity, just a bottle of mineral water with a heating package can heat food.

The self-heating hotpot box is easy to use, does not need fire or electricity, has high thermal efficiency, and has a long heating duration.
In outdoor sports, the product can be used to heat food conveniently and safely, including in cars and tents, when it is inconvenient to use or prohibit the use of open flames due to adverse weather such as high winds, dust, rain, snow, and low temperatures. The amount of water required when the heater is working is only about 100ml, and there is no need to clean water.
The self-heating hotpot box is suitable for; self-heating rice, small hot pot, spicy hot, snail powder, pasta, rice noodles, bone soup, barbecue and other food industries, the box body is divided into; cover, bottom, lining, of which the upper layer lunch box is used It contains ingredients, and the lower layer is used to store heating packages. Put the ingredients on the upper layer first, then take the heat pack from the sealed plastic bag, put it on the lower layer and add some water.

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