Several kinds of common disposable packaging post-press processing technology

by:Weihan     2020-06-21
In today's materialistic, product packaging has become a powerful weapon of appeal to consumers. Leather box packaging as the most high-end, the most elegant, seiko packaging, can greatly enhance the added value of products, by some jewelry, jewelry, beverage and other industries. Diversified leather box shape and structure design, rectangle, square, multilateral type, special leather box, cylindrical, etc. The manufacturing process is basically the same, the design style - Choose materials & ndash; Cutting - Manufacturing template - Process - The synthesis of box. Here are several kinds of common leather box post-press processing technology: hot stamping process, hot stamping, also known as hot stamping is a kind of heat the metal plate, foil, embossing on print, the golden words or design process. Tipping paper material points a lot of kinds, including gold, silver, laser laser gold or silver, black, red, green, and so on a variety. Hot stamping process design is clear, beautiful, bright color, wear resistance, weather resistance. Can rise to make the finishing point, the role of prominent design theme, especially for trademarks, registered name, the effect is more significant. Metal stick a card process: are the most luxurious international high-grade decoration marks, the product usually cannot optional metal mould customization, style and diverse colors. To help promote the application of metal strips leather box of beautiful and products, to open the market and has certain significance to increase brand awareness, make the product has a unique effect, and bring the value of new opportunities. Concave-convex embossing process: also called relief embossing process, is a kind of special printing surface decoration processing processing technology, it USES the concave and convex mold, under certain pressure, the plastic food tray deformation in the surface of the substrate, which was carried out on the surface of disposable packaging art processing. Embossed convex graphic and pattern, show the different shades of grain appearance, has obvious FuDiaoGan, enhanced stereo feeling of the leather box and artistic appeal. Screen printing process, is one of the widely used leather box process. Screen printing ink layer thick, covering power, rich simple sense, understand the characteristics and advantages of screen printing, screen printing method in choosing, can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, highlight the advantage of screen printing, to achieve more ideal effect. Screen printing equipment is simple, convenient operation, process simple and low cost, strong adaptability. It not only can the plane printing, can also be curved surface, spherical surface and the concave and convex surface screen printing on substrates.
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