Should pay attention to when buying disposable plastic tray molding method

by:Weihan     2020-06-11
Should pay attention to when buying disposable plastic tray molding method. tray is essential to the goods transportation, storage devices, many of the industry has a great demand for plastic food tray tray. Small make up suggest that at the time of purchase plastic tray, attention should be paid to its forming methods: one, produced by the method of vacuum plastic molding in the plastic tray has a single-sided and double-sided. Single type blister tray for small motor and wire disc packaging, transport, etc. Double blister tray is packaged, divided into two forms: the upper piece for fixed-length, fixed width plastic sheet extrusion, the second half of the piece for a large vacuum suction plastic products; On, the second half of the pieces are large vacuum suction plastic products. Second, extrusion blow molding of extrusion molding in the plastic tray - hollow blow molding and blow molding hollow products in general there is common, but because of its product is bigger, and it is double type, need larger extrusion machine, molding machine and mold, etc. , but the mold, the equipment investment than injection molding is small, the cost is relatively low, but its products is close-grained, not flatness is poorer, uniform wall thickness control is more difficult. Three, injection molding in a smooth, bright and clean, crisp, and the advantages of compact, can be divided into two kinds of type double integral and packaged with plastic tray. Monolithic tray form complex, high cost, but the product quality is better. Many manufacturers use packaged tray, the tray type double integral divided into fluctuation two parts, injection molding respectively before assembly. Need 2 pair of mould, this product on the mould structure, simplified, mold total investment is much cheaper than integral, this mode of production may become the mainstream of plastic tray production. Four, extrusion molding in ( Packaged) Use of extruder, head, such as equipment, extrusion respectively as the upper and lower panels with slats and as support in connection with the complex wing of i-section connecting plate, and then assembled. The emergence of wood plastic composite, promote the development of the extrusion molding in the plastic tray. It is a natural plant fiber and waste plastic as main raw material, make plastic tray has woodiness feeling already, water resistant, and the advantages of the pest, but also saw, dig, nail. The previous: tai wei plastic tray in the process of loading and unloading function performance next article: teach you how to clean the plastic tray?
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