Some snack box harm to our health

by:Weihan     2020-06-13
We know that normally we can't eat out cooking at home, because eat at ease, for the body better! So we now look at some of the disposable lunch box snack box what harm to the body! 1, cause hepatitis disposable chopsticks shelf life up to 4 months, once after a shelf-life is likely to take yellow grape bacteria, e. coli and patient. 2, the bad intestines and stomach disposable plastic food tray lunch box, a bubble with hot water, the microwave will cause added chemicals and food in the lunch box dissolve each other, gastrointestinal adverse. 3, assist food esophagus disposable lunch box production, most are used to hydrogen peroxide bleaching, hydrogen peroxide has strong corrosive, cause corrosion to the oral cavity, esophagus. Extension data: 1, low temperature loading if go to the restaurant to buy lunch box away, Suggestions, etc in after meals quite cold, so to avoid the high temperature lead to harmful substances dissolved in the lunch box. 2, avoid high temperature heating can't use disposable lunch box in the microwave heating food, unless the boxes there are clear indications can be used in the microwave oven. 3, use less foam a tableware for foamed plastic food tray boxes should be used in the vendor refused to use, compared with wood fiber and plastic boxes, foam class boxes damage index is greater. 4, avoid food through oil had better avoid to use snack box to pack contains a large amount of fat, high sugar food, because the boiling point of oil to more than plastic thermal limits, and oil, sugar and plasticizer is organic matter, similar to the miscibility.
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