Specializing in the production of plastic tray hardware accessories plastic tray blister plastic tray

by:Weihan     2020-06-17
Hardware accessories specializing in the production of plastic tray plastic tray blister plastic tray 1, blister packaging spot support, the country can be the arrival of the goods, quality assurance, price concessions. 2, can according to your products to open mold proofing, material and performance can be divided into ordinary, antistatic, conductive type. 3, any special-shaped products, blister packing can be transparent packaging products, to facilitate sales, copy today lumen package series, the product the design of the beat, to facilitate packing. The previous: anti-static blister packaging transparent blister blister tray next article: blister blister packaging blister box absorption in custom plastic food tray products of plastic food tray tray design
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