Tell the snack box in their lives

by:Weihan     2020-06-12
In our daily life, there are a lot of snack box now take you take a look. Snack box type has a lot of, have stainless steel, plastic food tray, and white foam snack box, white foam snack box is also very common in our daily life, general delivery are made with white foam fast food boxes of food, so is it safe to white foam snack box, if you need to heating can, white foam thermalization snack boxes and the poisonous? This is the most concern of the people, the next hundred hundred safety net will help you analyze. The white foam snack box thermalization poisonous? Small make up through the investigation and the answer is yes, reasons are as follows; White foam material is PS, snack boxes and the snack box is not to heat, when the temperature is above 60 degrees white foam snack box, box bubble snack box will be releasing toxic substances, these substances will produce certain central nervous system damage to human body, a serious threat to people's health. If white foam snack box thermalization recommend you not to eat food, snack boxes and recommend to minimize the frequency use white foam snack box, because of the need to use don't when heated. That what material of environmental protection, snack boxes and here are a few, heat-resistant glass students snack box, this kind of snack box can also be heated in a microwave, and won't break down harmful substances, it is recommended to use, easy to break, but given the glass snack box and fear of injury to students, so the younger students is not good to use as much as possible. The next step is stainless steel material snack box. If you don't need high temperature heating, stainless steel is very appropriate, snack boxes and very healthy. Please choose according to their own needs health and safety of snack box.
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