The advantages of blister packaging and blister processing technology is introduced

by:Weihan     2020-06-12
Blister packaging blister processing technology is introduced and the advantages of the blister packaging blister processing technology is introduced and the advantages of the blister packaging advantages: one, blister packaging, can let the price of the product itself and image promotion, and transmission of the mold and at the same time, to the enterprise brand image and awareness have a major impact. 2, blister packaging also to display and protection products for the purpose, mostly small commodity packaging products, can put or hanging in the supermarket shelves, let your products perfect displayed in front of customers so as to promote product sales. Three, blister packaging for the purpose of separation, shockproof, foil, packaging products for electronics, IT, industrial parts, toys, stationery, food, crafts, and cosmetics, etc. , can be packaged and small products, to make the product more beautiful as a whole. Production process editor 1: mold production and processing: according to the requirements or sample specifications, first of all make good blister mold, general conditions, are made use of gypsum blister packaging mold, but also useful wooden and metal engraving products mold, plaster mold is made, let the natural drying or drying completely, and then, on the basis of the condition of the convex concave surface with 1 - 2 mm drill in does not affect product packaging appearance dips many drill holes, if it is products such as packaging, also have to drill some holes on the edge of the around, so that the blister production, can take out the air, the mold after drilling the well hole, also will be hardened gypsum mould processing, add hard processing method is to use strong alum saturated liquid after soaking dry. ( 1] 2: after mould processing dry completely, the mold into a vacuum chamber on the upper plate, and then according to mold size, plastic food tray loaded into suitable size, and then put the film material in heating wood cabinet, make its completely fixed, then wooden fence along with constant temperature furnace on softening plastic sheet. 3: good softening plastic food tray with wood cabinet, put in a vacuum chamber, start the inspiratory switch, vacuum indoor air clean, after being plastic cooling, that be the same as the mold of concave type packing or process the mold. 4: blister packaging; Will produce products for trimming is the finished product, then through selling after packaging. A: blister processing molding equipment under the basic configuration of an article: disposable plates PET plastic food tray pallet thickening, super fruit and vegetable packaging
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