The classification of the blister tray to share with you the packing material

by:Weihan     2020-06-16
Blister tray to share with you the classification of the blister tray paper material packaging materials: paper honeycomb paper, paper bags, paper, desiccant wrapping paper, honeycomb cardboard, kraft paper, cardboard, paper honeycomb core; packing materials: PP packing belt, PET packing belt, tear film, stretch film, sealing tape, heat shrinkable film, plastic film, hollow plate; Composite class soft packing materials, flexible packaging, aluminum plating film, iron core wire, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum aluminum plating paper, composite membrane, composite paper, BOPP. Metal packaging material: tin foil, barrel hoop, steel tape, packing buckle, blister, inhibits PTP aluminum foil, aluminum plate, aluminum steel buckle; Packing materials: ceramic bottles, ceramic cylinder, ceramic altar, ceramic pot; Glass packaging materials: glass bottle, glass jar, glass box; Wood packing materials: wood products and artificial wood plank ( Such as plywood, fiberboard) Packaging made of, such as wooden box, wooden bucket, affairs, wood plywood, fiberboard, plywood boxes, wooden pallets, etc. ; The previous: lock blister tray hot glue device under the application of an article: blister tray to share with you blister products material selection method
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