The disposable fast-food box whether qualified identification method

by:Weihan     2020-06-18
Fast food tableware is disposable supplies, use cycle is short, the amount is big, so should be based on the domestic raw material sources, to minimize the imported raw materials, avoid reliance on foreign exchange and uncontrollability of the international market changes. Like paper tableware, because its material is given priority to with wood pulp, and the serious shortage of wood resources in our country, so a lot of making cardboard tableware is not conform to the situation of our country. In addition, for some complex raw material composition, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of products also should strengthen the supervision and management. When the injection pressure can't be too big, more than 12000 mpa to increase internal stress deformation; Density increases will be heavier, and the heavier is don't add much hardness, will only increase the cost of materials. “ Black boxes & throughout; As to sum up the characteristics of six sentences in mandarin: hand knead soft, light tear is broken, a pungent smell smell, meet the thermal deformation easy leakage of versatile paraffin wax printing, tore into the water will sink. You just remember the above phrase, it's easier to identify the disposable fast-food containers is qualified. The microwave oven can do a lot of food. Can a baked potato, still can make the cake, look like they can do anything. But everyone, microwave ovens have their own difficulties, disposable plastic containers & ndash; — Such as yogurt, butter or cream box, can travel into the microwave oven. They really is a one-off, and unable to bear high temperature. Containers may be deformation in the microwave or melt, will chemicals into the food. Lunch bag isn't as harmless as it seems. Paper bags, plastic food tray bags and newspapers can't into the microwave oven. As the department of agriculture report said & other; They are not safe, may be a fire, and may produce poisonous gas. High temperature can result in a paper bag, a fire in the furnace.
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