The disposable packing snack box knowledge skills

by:Weihan     2020-06-22
When observing the disposable lunch box market, release & other; White pollution & throughout; Disposable foam lunch box has largely disappeared, health, environmental protection of corn starch lunch box because of its high price, no bubble, and few people use, and occupied a large jiangshan PP plastic disposable lunch box. By the PP lunch box, how to choose? Whether they are healthy, environmental protection? First of all, the real PP plastic food tray itself is healthy, environmental protection material. PP is one of the plastic, named polypropylene. Is another development after nylon resin fine varieties, and it is a kind of high density, high side chain, linear polymer crystallization will be. PP with good refractory, oil resistant, resistant to weak acid, weak alkali, such as performance, highly highly creep and stress relaxation ability, excellent wear resistance, self-lubrication and fatigue resistance and other excellent comprehensive performance. If it is made of polypropylene cups is non-toxic and the manufacture of processing temperature, ℃) From 180 to 240. So the boiling water, high temperature food won't break it. According to the survey, not all of the so-called PP plastic disposable lunch box on the market is really the PP material. Reporter walks into a shop wholesale plastic lunch box, see all kinds of PP materials, lunch box, after asking found the price gap is very big, investigate its reason, the boss this explanation is given, and other Manufacturer is first and foremost, it is not a brand to brand the difference between the price, moreover some write the lunch box of PP material is not PP material or part of the material is PP, some full with PVC, PS or some part with, so the price will be different. ” The boss also said that if their use is to choose the brand, logo is complete, and of course the price also is expensive. In the face of variable quality PP material disposable lunch box, summarizes several easily distinguish the trick. First of all, can pass some sensory discrimination is that material, such as watching smell the presence of peculiar smell, touch feel whether smooth, softness, the real PP disposable lunch box is proofed without peculiar smell, feel is smooth, box body if there is a clear & other; & throughout; Also very soft, it is suggested that do not use. Moreover, with the flame burning of materials, with a black dust is PVC or PS, but not for PP. Finally, if you really don't know how to distinguish, the most direct way is to choose a big brand, complete identity of disposable lunch box, lunch box at the bottom of a nabla, which can accurately describe the production materials. Believe that have mastered these tips, when the use of disposable lunch box, you can order, out of choice to the health, environmental protection PP material is the disposable lunch box.
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