The future of the disposable packaging must be environmental protection packing box

by:Weihan     2020-06-18
Now in the development of our country constantly, many city has been put forward to be a civilized city. As the population, the disposable packaging more everywhere, especially in some of the side of the road or the lake can see white floating on top. Comrades for us in the office work, if work every day to line up rice as how troublesome, not only the personal consumption cost is higher also trouble, so have to choose to eat lunch box, it certainly brings our environment a lot, maybe a person with a disposable lunch box is not much, but everybody how to use the number is huge, coupled with the accumulation of day after day, is a astronomical figures. So many friends ask disposable lunch box how to innovation! 10000 tons, of which the waste plastic food tray accounted for about 7% of annual total of 290000 tons of waste plastics into the environment. The most eye-catching is the disposable lunch box, the discharge of a day of 1. 84 million, the year 6. 700 million, weighing more than 3300 tons. People often can see in the river, green belts, railways, and small and medium-sized road on both sides, only the white foam is randomly throw plastic food tray lunch box, & other; White pollution & throughout; The name of it. Is now a lot of people to the dangers of disposable lunch box how are not very understanding, also does not have the spirit of sorrow. And not the public awareness of environmental protection lunch box, not to strengthen this aspect the propaganda. First we talk about the disposable lunch box for composition is polystyrene and olefin polymer and produced, has studied chemistry at school knows that these two kinds of chemicals is very difficult to degrade, according to the relevant departments of the investigation, the use of disposable lunch box can cause the harm of these major, to say the light weight, large volume, the salvage of time is difficult, mainly disposable lunch box & other; White pollution & throughout; Greatly will surpass other pollution sources to the city landscape destructive power. Again this is some of the most phenomenon, on the surface of the deep is hard to degrade after the waste plastic into the natural environment, long-term waste plastic food tray soil with great force. Its use will block crops and plants mixed with soil, soil structure; If burned. Is more serious is that will produce harmful gases, polluting the atmosphere directly. It is conceivable that the damage is very serious, in fact, there are quite a few people know this, but why do so few people still use green lunch box? Then according to the investigation and research, summed up the following reasons: the reason for the existence of the first green lunch box itself: starchy lunch box, mildew prevent technology has not been solved, and the cost is too high. And the toughness, hardness is not enough. Put the hot liquid is unfavorable take food such as soup. Scope of application is relatively small. These points can't meet the needs of the consumers. Is such pain points of market, make the material of Hong Kong in the lunch box lunch box net and design on continuous efforts, forge ahead. Join the keel design, improve the lunch box of toughness. Hong Kong king of lunch box for you to solve problems, as well as environmental protection, so by the businessman. , of course, in addition to using green lunch box, also need to relevant departments for the disposable lunch box completes the degradation measures, can reduce the harm to the environment, increasing awareness of environmental protection propaganda. In this way can we truly innovative one-off inferior lunch box.
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