The general requirements of domestic products blister packaging

by:Weihan     2020-06-12
The general requirements of domestic products blister packaging of domestic products blister packaging the general requirements of 1. Theme content and scope, Blister packing) This standard specifies the basic requirement of domestic product packaging, packaging process, logo, etc. This standard applies to the packing of the products sold in China. 2. Reference standard JB2759 packaging general technical conditions of mechanical and electronic products. 3. Three basic requirements. 1 not packaged product should be stored in the rain, ventilated and dry place. And product mat well to prevent damage of be affected with damp be affected with damp,. 3. 2 products must pass a quality inspection department inspection qualified, with product certification, products must by packing inspector inspection before packing. 3. 3 products of dust and other dirt before packing must be clean, must pay attention to clean the whole packaging process, to ensure the quality of packaging. Explosion-proof electrical products and power transmission control unit must cover on the plastic bag before loading the boxes, packaging use simple packaging products, must be packed in plastic bags. 3. 4 loaded the products must be reliably fixed in the cabinet, should not move. Fixed way according to the structure of the products selected, with bolted or insensitive ( Block) Mat compression tight. In the insensitive ( Block) Fixed products, it is forbidden to pad, the weak position of the pressure products, such as: electronic products with a glass door, etc. 3. 5 when the packaging quality of the products in more than 50 kg or wooden case packing volume for more than 1 m3, the edges of the box body file must nail feng Angle, to the end plate gratuitous gear for the whole board wood, fiberboard boxes and packaging wooden box, electric drive control devices in the cases after sealing nail, must be fastened with steel belt in wooden cases, wooden boxes on both ends of the nail. 3. 6 as from the date of the consignment, under normal conditions of storage and transportation, packing boxes for the duration of protection of 1 year. In the meantime, packaged products should be intact. 4. 4 packing procedure. 1 the product outer packing depending on the volume and size selection of quality packing. 4. Number 2 in the outer packaging products should comply with the regulations of the corresponding standards of product packaging technology, and firmly fixed, ensure that products do not collide with each other. 4. 3 pressure (fixed products Mat) Staying in contact with product should apply a layer of corrugated board ( Thick slices packaging) Or rigid foam, using appropriate methods nail on the wooden stare blankly. The previous: guanghan tai wei plastic products co. , LTD. Next up: the global plastic food tray mesh for three consecutive years was named China TOP100 industry web site
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