The main performance of the blister tray products defects

by:Weihan     2020-06-16
Blister tray products defect mainly blister products in recent years the proportion of packaging industry is more and more big, this is mainly because the living standards of people is increasing day by day, contributed to the increasing demand for packaging products in the people. Blister products as the most widely used packaging products in recent years, its development trend is very good, common blister products mainly include blister box, blister and blister tray form. Although blister tray as the main packaging products are used in one's life, but in the actual production process, will encounter a series of problems, lead to the beautiful sex of blister tray by certain influence. For the blister tray, which has won numerous users, this is because of its excellent performance advantages, but in practice, the blister products will produce certain defects, which greatly influenced aesthetics, its defect can be seen in the following aspects: guy: vacuum forming production when some should not have lines protrusions ( No mold) , need to modify the mold and add extra pressure mold to solve. Guy is too big, is considered to be defective, cannot be used in high-grade blister packaging, but in the field of zero blister packaging components revolving tray, as long as the drawing order, does not affect use function, can be regarded as qualified products. Nick: blister products especially on transparent blister with scratch marks on, if the trace is too long, too big, the blister is defective, cannot be used in high-grade packaging. Crystal point: in the process of blister sheet production, due to the small dust in the air, in the heat of plastic food tray materials, produce a kind of transparent defects, especially in a transparent blister sheet production process, this kind of defect is too big, too much, as a defect. Bubble: in the process of production of blister tray, because of the heated air is contained in plastic food tray material, make the sheet with the finished products produced in a bubble, particularly in the transparent blister sheet production process, the bubble is too big, too much as a defect. The previous: reveal two great molding method in plastic tray next up: the comparison of different forms of blister tray application analysis
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