The principle of blister tray to protect the goods not damaged

by:Weihan     2020-06-16
The principle of blister tray to protect items damaged tray widely used in logistics, etc, it is not just because of its convenient transportation, a bigger reason is that it can protect the items. We all know that the role of foam products to protect the goods is very big, such as some foam materials of products, because in its material and a large amount of bubble hole in the compressible internal distribution, protection items for any shape, it has good cushioning performance. Blister tray, then, the principle of protection items? Let's learn about the. Is not the same as foam plastic, blister tray is, by its own special structure during the collision of a hit from the outside world, or, to extend the response time with deformation, absorb the energy, thus reducing the packaging by shock and vibration. Through such as blister tray packaging on the structure of the larger deformation and even local failure, to effectively reduce the force and energy consumption, we call the buffer structure. Cushion mechanism structure is common in our daily life, such as experimental model of a car after violent collisions can also open the door, the large deformation of the front is by car to consume energy, so as to protect the rest of the parts. A: plastic food tray packing box has a shelf life? Next: how the summer maintenance of plastic tray
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