The problems in the food blister tray in use?

by:Weihan     2020-06-22
The problems in the food blister tray in use? With the development of economy, blister tray is more and more widely used all aspects of people's production and life. But as a result of plastic tray, and the performance of different materials, especially some plastic tray contains toxic, maybe can cause serious consequences, poisoning, or so it is important to scientific and proper use of plastic pallets. Then, use the blister tray should pay attention to what? 1, know the plastic tray, distinguish whether toxic. It mainly depends on plastic tray is made of what material, with or without adding plasticizer, stabilizer, inside. General market sell plastic tray for PVC plastic, with the hand feels a sense of lubrication, surface like a layer of wax, easy combustion, flame yellow with wax dripping, scents of paraffin, the non-toxic plastic tray. But some plastic food tray tray, mostly made from PVC, which add lead salt stabilizer, etc. When the plastic pallet with the hand touch, sticky, nonflammable, away from the fire is extinguished, fire green, and weight is heavier, the plastic tray are poisonous. 2, pay attention to the maintenance of anti aging. People in the use of plastic food tray tray, often will encounter it change hard, brittle, discoloration, cracks and reduce the phenomenon such as performance, this is plastic tray aging. People to solve the problem of aging, the plastic food tray tray often add stabilizer, to slow down the aging speed, in fact this is not fundamentally solve the problem. In order to make the plastic tray can be durable, is mainly used to properly, don't let the sun, don't let the rain, also not bake on fire or heating, not often contact with water or oil and so on. 3, abandoned plastic tray do not burn. Had mentioned in front, toxic plastic tray is not easy to burn, is because of its combustion emit black smoke, odor, and toxic gases, there is a harm to the environment and human body; And non-toxic combustion, after use will pollute the environment, how to correctly use the blister tray affect human health. The previous: tai wei plastic pallet mould check items before the next article: plastic tray what are the transport and storage advantage?
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