The safety of the blister tray should be how to guarantee

by:Weihan     2020-06-15
The safety of the blister tray should be how to guarantee if want to make the blister tray for longer periods of time, we also use the more at ease, that we will do it the right to use. For short answer is to prevent blister tray by sunlight exposure, so that you can to prevent the occurrence of early aging, he will take longer time. We can't put the things into the blister tray, it can cause damage to him. If the forklift or pallet jack at the time of operating, it is best to go to outside, so that you can avoid his appear crack and breakage. Of course in the use of blister tray we hydraulic consider to be clear about, remember to use in what environment, this is not only guaranteed to equipment, and is the guarantee for our personal safety. The previous: cold storage is used in special plastic food tray tray is what the next one: generalized blister tray of the material
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