The summer sun damage to the plastic tray

by:Weihan     2020-06-14
Summer sun damage to the plastic tray under the hot weather in summer, the sun for the plastic pallet damage is very big. The most direct impact is aging will speed up the tray, reduce the service life of plastic tray. If plastic pallet manufacturers put the tray in outdoor exposure for a long time, so for the influence of the price of plastic tray also is very big. Then what makes plastic tray can't sun? pallet manufacturers to popularize the first tray below the commonly used material: plastic tray plastic tray of raw material has two kinds: one kind is polypropylene ( PP) And the other has been polyethylene ( HDPE) 。 Logistics warehouse in plastic tray: pp + PE raw material to 10%; Food tray plastic tray: food grade pp PE PC; Polyethylene ( HDPE) Has a good impact resistance and cold resistance, resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance. Excellent chemical stability, good oil resistance. Water absorption and small, low permeable rate, organic vapor transmittance is bigger. Good electrical insulation, in all frequency range, excellent dielectric properties are extremely. Polypropylene ( PP) With excellent mechanical properties, and its strength and flexibility are higher than HDPE, bending fatigue resistance. Has good chemical stability is good heat resistance, besides can be concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid erosion, on the other chemical reagents are stable. Poly (acrylic high frequency insulation performance is good, because it is almost not bibulous, insulation performance is not affected by temperature. tray the main material of plastic, plastic ageing because ultraviolet ray can accelerate the molecular 'double bond rupture in the plastic, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, easy to be absorbed by polymer containing aldehyde, ketone, carbonyl, cause photochemical reactions. The sun's infrared absorption by material, into heat; With the increase of temperature, polymer thermal aging and thermal oxygen aging intensifies. Oxygen is a kind of active gas that can make many matter oxidation. Polymer chemical aging is mainly in light, heat and other factors under the influence of oxidation reaction. Polymer in the processing, storage and use process, will inevitably contact with oxygen, so oxygen is also one of the main factor that causes ageing of polymer chemistry. Studies show that daylight near ultraviolet area ( 300~400 nm) Wavelength range of radiation is the main factor causing degradation plastic ageing. Typically ultraviolet radiation intensity increases, material aging rate was accelerated. So try to avoid plastic tray is long exposure. The previous: blow molding of plastic food tray pallets and forklifts, pallet use advantage next: double grid plastic tray of two kinds of production materials
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