The use of disposable packaging common sense

by:Weihan     2020-06-21
Disposable packaging not only convenient and practical, and food can be categorized into. Now disposable packaging according to the material with a plastic disposable packaging, polycarbonate, PC) Disposable packaging materials and disposable packaging toughened glass, etc. Disposable plastic packing box is not can be put into the microwave oven and the oven, because of the high temperature plastic food tray will produce harmful substances. In addition of toughened glass disposable packaging when meeting very cold and very hot may be explosive. At present the most fashionable and green one-time disposable packaging is heat-resistant glass box. In addition, there are many kinds of disposable packaging style, size are available. Square disposable packaging is suitable for the freezer cupboard door, can be used to store all kinds of ingredients and saddle. Rectangular disposable packaging with the water board, easy to store more water food, such as fruits, vegetables and seafood. Circular disposable packaging is suitable for storing sauce, soy sauce, and a variety of dishes. All kinds of disposable packaging, make the refrigerator more tidy, also make the food the best protection state for a long time. Because PVC food film does great harm to human body, its composition of ethyl hexyl amine ( DEHA) Easy to precipitate, after food enters the human body, have effect that cause cancer to the human body. When storing food so might as well use a variety of disposable packaging instead. Food preservation with disposable packaging is of great benefit in the fridge, it can guarantee that people will be isolated place, as far as possible to prevent cross contamination. Snack box factory is pointed out that normally buy disposable packaging brand we can choose from the following these factors to consider. 1. Raw material: as consumers more attention to health, people are concerned about their health disposable packaging itself is the material used. The material of health, safety, harmless to human body, such as PC material, PE and PP materials, is now more common disposable packaging material for PC material, the green is heat-resistant glass disposable packaging. 2. Transparency: disposable packaging are generally use transparent or translucent material. One-time especially heat-resistant glass box adopts high borosilicate glass, glass is transparent. So, you don't need to open the box, when using can easily confirm items inside the box. 3. Appearance: good quality of one-time box full of sheen, appearance design is beautiful, no burr. 4. Heat: disposable packaging requirement for heat resistance is higher, in the high temperature of the water will not deformation, even can be placed in boiling water and sanitation. 5. Durable: must have excellent resistance to impact, pressure or impact resistance to fracture, will not leave scratches. Disposable packaging brand with good quality compared commonly tend to use more long, so consumers might as well go to China to brand net maigoo look at what are disposable packaging brand in our country. 6. Seal: it is to choose a one-time priority box. Although different brand products are sealed in a different way, excellent sealing is necessary for lasting memory food preservation. 7. Fresh: international seal determination standard is through humidity testing to assess, high-quality disposable packaging 200 times lower than similar products through humidity, can keep things fresh for a longer time. 8. Save a space: reasonable design, of various sizes of disposable packaging to methodically put, combination, tidy, save a space. 9. Microwave heating: can directly in the microwave food, more convenient. 10. Versatility, diversity: according to life need to design different size, different performance brand of disposable packaging.
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