The use of plastic tray matters needing attention in summer

by:Weihan     2020-06-14
Summer plastic tray attention in the use of plastic tray, with its beautiful, generous, strong and durable are popular among enterprises. After a long market test, as a matter of fact, plastic tray is a kind of safety, environmental protection packing material, which is recognized by many industries. How to do daily maintenance and prolong service life, the customer need to know some relevant knowledge. tray is due to plastic products, as you all know, plastic products in the case of high temperature, sun, will change its physical properties, caused by oxidation, so as to shorten its service life. Customers after use must be put in to avoid direct sunlight, under the condition of normal outdoor use, generally do not cause damage. Some enterprises procurement after sit idle for a long time, also don't know how to protect, every day is on the outside, wind, sun and rain for a long time, product in use is easy to break and brittle. This is because, be long-term sun exposure, causing internal molecular structure changes caused by plastic tray. Master the necessary maintenance and common sense, to extend the use fixed number of year of plastic tray at the same time, also for the enterprise to save a large amount of cost of capital, for every two. A: on the specification of ratio and excellent performance of the plastic tray next article: plastic food tray tray plastic products such as the analysis of the causes of brittle easily
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