To introduce the basic knowledge of blister tray

by:Weihan     2020-06-15
Introduced the basic knowledge of blister tray blister tray is a kind of plastic food tray tray collectively, this kind of tray is used in vacuum forming process, due to the particularity of the material, technology, the application range of the blister tray, and therefore more widely. Now that refers to the type of product, it must include a number of different types, such as turnover tray, anti-static trays, PS blister tray, etc. , to play a different role in the practice. Blister tray production as well as other blister products, need to proofing, make an outline of the shape on the blister after playing version on forming blister embryo; With good special blister gypsum in blister MAO embryo, dried to form gypsum MAO embryo, and electric machine for deep processing of gypsum wool embryo and rules shape. Blister tray performance is most obvious in the field of packing and shipping, will help the sale of the products, and suitable for mechanization and automation production, so as to realize modernization management, save manpower, increase efficiency and target. A: in the process of production of blister tray should pay attention to what? Next article: comparing the performance characteristics of a variety of blister tray material
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