What are the blister tray concrete application field?

by:Weihan     2020-06-16
What are the blister tray concrete application field? Blister tray good toughness, high transparency, burning, burning does not produce harmful gases, belong to the environmental protection material, but the price is high, suitable for high-end blister products, blister blister of European and American countries generally require the use of PET plate, but it is not easy to heat sealing, brings great difficulty to encapsulate, according to data of plastic food tray floor with rising construction in order to solve this problem, people on the PET surface composite layer of PVC film, named PETG plate, but the price higher. Blister tray is made of double blister plastic tap, roof, and a heavy of tile leng coaming. Tray of tap and top expectations have 10 years of life, and coaming can recycle use 50 to 100 times. Blister tray has high yield, tend to be in 6 months can recover the investment costs, saving customers thousands of dollars a year in the container, storage and transportation costs. Tray bottom and the lid can be embedded and coaming is foldable, can improve warehouse space utilization and reduce the cost of transportation back to. A man can in a few minutes to complete the disassembly or assembly, saves valuable work time of the employees, electronic product turnover tray is strong. Coaming from top to bottom has a fairly large compression strength, because C series tray at the end of the life cycle, can be recycled to use, it is environmental protection of good friends. Blister tray column is simple, the most durable, versatile and cost-effective, can again use of materials processing methods. In an article: how to ensure long-term use plastic tray is not damaged under a: blister tray blister process, what are the functions?
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