What is the difference between disposable plastic cups and disposable paper cups?

by:Weihan     2020-06-10
What is the difference between disposable plastic food tray cups and disposable paper cups? A lot of people in daily life or at the feast the reception guests, because too lazy to wash cup, are chose to use a disposable cup to make tea to entertain the guests. Disposable cups now has become a family, restaurants, offices and other places essential consumer goods. Disposable cups and paper cups and plastic cups separately, then what is the difference between disposable plastic cups and disposable paper cups? Disposable plastic food tray cups of low cost, easy processing, beautiful, convenient, raw material: polystyrene ( PS) For amorphous random polymer, has excellent thermal insulation, insulation, and transparency, the long-term use of temperature 0 ~ 80 ℃, but fragile and prone to cracking at low temperature; A cup of thick heat, pour hot water softening, without glass, not penetrate. Disposable plastic cup manufacturers use PS ( Polystyrene) Production of raw materials, hygiene standards: after high temperature sterilization, using PS food-grade non-toxic materials refined but become. High transparent, high hardness, every cup of quality supervision, inspection and selection of high quality. Accord with the requirement of green environmental protection, recycling, as the production of industrial products, plastic shell recycling raw materials and convenient use, sanitation, refuse to transmission of the disease. Disposable plastic cup is suitable for the soda fountain, hot, soda fountain, milk tea shop, hotel, office, public places, etc. The advantages of disposable paper cups is sanitary and convenient, but add the wax in the production process, some due to poor quality of the pulp will have peculiar smell, bad to the body, the paper also contain soluble organic elements inside, inside in order to strengthen the strength of paper, there are a few paper production enterprises in order to make the cup more white, join a large number of fluorescent whitening agent. And disposable plastic food tray cup made with polystyrene they are non-toxic organic elements. This cup is relatively transparent is better than white. A: plastic bottles deformation during production, what reason be? Next: what are the purpose of the plastic salad bowl?
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