What is the purpose of the blister tray?

by:Weihan     2020-06-09
What is the purpose of the blister tray? Within the blister tray is also called plastic food tray, blister process will be specific grooves of the plastic food tray plate made of plastics, the product into the slots, protect and beautify the product, also has transportation pallet packaging, pallets use is more convenient. At the same time, the blister tray is the use of mould processing, with a high speed vacuum molding machine to produce a kind of tray, and added to the use of thin plastic food tray sheet, bearing ability is limited, so most of the smaller with the specifications of the product packaging. On market at present, the common blister tray is called flocking in, is a kind of blister tray of the use of special material, on the plastic surface with a layer of wool is qualitative material, make the tray soft to the touch, is commonly used in the inner packing of products, to improve the level of packaging products. To sum up, the purpose of the blister tray is to protect and beautify the role of the product, also has transportation pallet packaging, pallets use is more convenient to give priority to, often used in electronic industry, toy industry, stationery industry, science and technology products, such as industry, cosmetics industry, health care products industry. A: what are the overall quality of the blister tray for the next article: what are the diversity of the blister tray?
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