Why don't Qingdao min xing packing factory regular spot?

by:Weihan     2020-06-13
In recent years, blister packaging the trend of price competition has intensified, small make up recently was cut to customer bargaining disgruntled mood, unusual headache. Sometimes for months with the client often poor because of the price of a two cents blew, in order to develop the customer, also endure the zero profit, but not always at a loss, endure heart plug, but also with clients to explain the reason, after taking care of a lot or something. Really customer abuse my hundreds of times, I treat customers like the first love. A lot of new customers online consulting, often will say I need such and such as packing, ask if there is any spot? Why isn't the spot? Small make up just now to explain the problem to you? Fujian xing blister production there is no spot of blister packaging products. Blister is a kind of plastic food tray processing technology, the main principle is to flat heat soft plastic food tray plate material, adopts the vacuum adsorption on surface of mould, cooling after forming, is widely used in blister packaging, blister tray turnover, electrical appliances, hardware tools and toys industry, cosmetics industry, etc. Blister packaging is made according to the use and appearance of the product, different products matching blister packaging is different also. Blister packaging can make the price of the product itself and the image until ascension, and transmission of the mold and at the same time, the enterprise's brand image and reputation have a significant impact. Fujian xing blister is do the custom blister packaging products of professional manufacturers, is the need to design according to your product information and USES, different blister packaging product requirements must also be different. Different product model is different, that their size that would be different, sure need to design size, you need time to do goods. Also, blister packing as a kind of plastic; Place for a long time to save undeserved easy to break. So min xing blister in order to better serve customers, in line with responsible attitude, we usually don't production spot.
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