With thick plastic tray considerations of choose and buy!

by:Weihan     2020-06-12
With thick plastic food tray tray considerations of choose and buy! When people choose to thicken the blister tray often don't know what to pay attention to, small make up will sort out this problem for you explain it to note: can be used for only a single plastic tray, the surface has two kinds of grid plate peace, bottom of sichuan and font, field type, nine foot type. Double-sided plastic tray to tray structure of both the front and sides of the same, a peaceful grid plate the surface of the two, both sides can be used. Choose one tray or double tray, should according to the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and state ( Such as shelf types, libraries, stacking or place state, etc. ) Sure. Dynamic load refers to the tray in the use of motor forklift or manual hydraulic pallet truck, can withstand the maximum weight in the movement, Bending degree 1. Less than 5% for normal) Under the static load is to point to in the stack, the plastic food tray tray can withstand maximum weight. A: health care products blister tray material selection is important! Next article: inappropriate use of disposable lunch box habits do you have?
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